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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Responsabilidad Social

    Integrated Marketing

    Marketing Integrado

    Crisis Management

    Gerencia de Crisis



  • Do Good &

    You Will do Better

    Assist large corporate and public enterprises to develop their social responsibility initiatives and the related marketing communication strategies.


    Provide strategic communication advice to small and mid-size companies, governments, and non-profit organizations.


    Transform a brand into a socially responsible leader by maximizing a company or organization’s value of CSR and philanthropic efforts.

     ISO 26000

    CSR Guidelines

    • Environment

    • Development

    • Human Rights

    • Labor Practices

    • Consumer Issues 

    • Fair operating practices

    • Community involvement



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    • Civic Engagement: 10%

    Pro-Bono for NGOs

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    Mayday Mayday! Know Thy

    Crisis Plan


    Crisis Communication Planning.

    Lego's Exceptional Comeback: Bricks rock!


    Development and community involvement.

    Compassion in Leadership


    Labor and fair operating practices.

    4 Blog Writing Tips


    Human rights.

    Business' Corporate Social Responsibility in Seven Steps


    What CSR is, and what CSR is not.